Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello, School Year 2016-17 (from Parent Portal classic site 7/29/16)

I hope all of you had an amazing summer and are returning refreshed and ready for a great school year.  I did and I am! Im(erased)possible! 

Our staff members are looking at a number of changes this school year.  We have moved from our district GroupWise (Novell) email to Google mail.  That means our calendars have changed to Google as well.  On top of that, the district is now supporting and training on the use of Google Sites for our classroom websites instead of TeacherWeb.  We are well on the road to "Going Google".  Before the official beginning of the school year, I'm offering a free, all day session for staff on August 8th titled "Chrome Your Classroom".  

Our biggest challenge and opportunity this new school year?  Eighth grade students and staff are going one-to-one with Chromebooks.  Chromebooks will not go home with students, but travel with them throughout the school day.  Details coming soon!

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